Our new kitchen…

As part of our expansion in 2011, we moved into a new kitchen space.

OK, it’s really an older kitchen space, but it’s new to us.  Formerly the home of another local cake decorator, and amazing woman, we are sharing our kitchen space with a fellow cake decorator (yes, we are generally a friendly bunch despite being competitors).  While the original tenant enjoys her maternity time off, we are really enjoying the kitchen.  The first order of business was a complete cleaning and paint job.  A lighter colour on the wall and the accept walls are a light pink.  New bathroom fixtures, paint and some pictures.  It looks great, is fun to work in (thanks in no small part to the awesome sound system).  Now we only have to solve the issue of the single-paned glass.

Loving the kitchen, thanks Tanya and Nina.  Can’t wait for the kitchen-warming party!