Perhaps the most common question we are asked is “how much will this cost”? Generally, it will be more than a cake from Costco, but less than a cake from Buddy’s bakery in New York.

Custom cakes are hard to “quote” a price for because a custom cake has a custom price. The price will depend on the flavour of the cake, the type of decoration (and the time required to complete the decoration) as well as number of people that the cake needs to feed. Once we have a good idea of what will be involved we can provide a more precise price.

If you are trying to get an idea of what a cake or cupcakes might cost, you should budget at least $5.00 per person for a cake decorated in fondant with a simple decoration (ribbon or fondant cutout shapes), though our prices are not solely based on the number of servings. We have a minimum cake order price of $80 and our smallest cake will feed 12 people.

Cupcakes start at $4.00 each for standard size and $1.00 each for minis. Stuffed cupcakes (cupcakes with a filling inside) start at $5.50 for standard sizes (sorry, no minis). Standard cupcakes must be ordered by the dozen, all of the same flavour. Minis must be ordered by the 3 dozen, all of the same flavour.

Custom made, edible toppers for your cupcakes start at $2.00 each (standard cupcakes only) and increase depending on the work involved. Sprinkles, sugar balls and other basic sprinkles are included.

Carved cakes (ie. 3D or shaped cakes) do not always translate into a specific number of servings. These special cakes are a certain size, regardless of the exact number of servings. These specialty cakes start at $150 and may require longer order time than a basic round or square cake.