Once you have decided to order a custom cake, the next biggest decision will be what flavour to get. At Picture Perfect Cakes we strive to bring you exactly the cake flavour that you want, though we do have some tried and true favourites that we have perfected. These include:


Cake Flavours

Black Diamond Chocolate: This is our most popular flavour by far. As the name suggests, this is a chocolate cake that is almost black in colour due to the high cocoa content of the chocolate that we use. It has a full, mouthwatering chocolate taste without being overly sweet. The cake is dense and moist and will leave any chocolate lover wanting more.

Platinum Vanilla: Our second most popular flavour, this is a vanilla cake that resulted from testing of countless recipes in search of a moist vanilla cake. This cake takes its name from the exceptional vanilla sourced from Mexico by Just Vanilla. The vanilla used in this recipe smells like the tropics – there is really no other way to describe it. It is, most definitely, the star of this cake.

Luscious Lemon: This is a perfect cake for warmer weather celebrations, reminiscent of lemonade on a hot summer’s day. The cake is light and moist, dotted with lemon zest and flavoured with fresh squeezed juice. This fantastic lemon cake pairs well with all kinds of fruit fillings as well as our silky lemon curd. To give your guests a burst of flavour that will awaken their taste buds, this is your cake.

Deluxe Carrot: This is carrot cake with all the trimmings. Pineapple to sweeten it, raisins soaked in citrus juice and rum until they are nice and plump and the perfect combination of spices. If something a bit more savory is what appeals to you, this is the cake for you. It goes as well with cream cheese frosting as it does with vanilla buttercream. Carrot cake is not suitable for carved cakes.



Fruit Purees: Mango, Passionfruit, Blackcurrant (Cassis), Lynchee, White Peach, Guava, Morello Cherry, Pear, Apricot

Preserves: Raspberry, Strawberry, Apricot, Sour Cherry, Blackberry

Ganache: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut, Toblerone

Curd: Lemon, Key Lime, Pink Lemonade

Creme Patisserie: Vanilla, Espresso, Lavendar, Chai, Rosewater

Other Fillings: Nutella, Dulche de Leche, Apple Terrine, Peanut Butter


Icing on the Outside

Fondant: This is used to cover the outside of cakes to provide a smooth, solid surface upon which to apply decoration. It gives a clean, sharp look to a cake. Basically, it is a sugar dough. Different options are available for flavouring. Most of our custom cakes are covered with fondant or have fondant decorations.

Italian Meringue Buttercream: This is our preferred buttercream. It is incredibly light in texture and is not as sweet as buttercream found on most cakes produced in commercial bakeries. It can be easily flavoured to match the cake and filling combination. We use this on almost all of our cupcakes (unless the flavour or concept requires something different).

American Buttercream:This is the traditional buttercream found in most baking and cake decorating books and on almost every commercially available cupcake and cake. While the ingredients are simple (mainly butter and icing sugar), this buttercream works extremely well with tart flavours.

Meringue: For those who can’t tolerate lactose or who want the light and fluffy look of meringue, this icing is for you. Think “marshmallow insides”.

Ganache (dark, milk or white): Chocolate and cream, the perfect combination. For those wanting an extra hit of chocolate, try this on the outside of the cake, as well as the inside.

Cream Cheese: Mainly reserved for carrot cakes, our cream cheese icing has a zesty hit of lemon and orange. Please note that we do not use cream cheese icing under fondant.


Unfortunately, while we can work on making any flavour of cake, filling and frosting, we cannot bake from client supplied recipes nor do we decorate cakes that we have not made.


Sorry, we do not make “marble” cake, angelfood cake or cheesecake.