Creating Little People

Normally I don’t post images of cakes that I have not yet completed, but I had so much fun creating this little guy that I just couldn’t wait. For some reason, there have been a number of SMB themed cake requests recently, and I am loving making them. There are loads of great SMB cakes out there to give inspiration for the composition of the cake, and I have found myself spending a lot of time online looking at screen shots, wallpaper and other cool stuff.

Although it is very time consuming, and I don’t charge anywhere near the “correct” price for these cakes, I really love modeling little things for cakes. I think that I have Lorraine McKay for that.

I travelled to Scotland for a holiday a few years back and took the most amazing class with her in her studio. It was so much fun that I bought all of her online tutorials and can’t wait to take another class with her when she travels to this part of the world. If anyone is interested in her tutorials, you can find short free ones on YouTube (under Aine2) and amazingly detailed ones for purchase from her website. I would highly recommend purchasing them, they are not very expensive and are easy to follow. You will be amazed at what you can create.

Following her tutorials, taking classes whenever I can and continually being inspired by other cake artists will give anyone the confidence to start modeling figurines. Now…the patience required is a whole other story.

Lorraine’s tutorials can be found at